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Experiments & game jams

Opposable Games Originals | New technology

A selection of experiments and games made in rapid prototyping settings such as game jams.

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og web games HEADER SanbikiNoSaru

Created in 48 hours at Global Game Jam 2014, listing here.

An accessible three player game, based loosely around the Three Wise Monkeys of Japanese myth, using connected devices.

One player as See No Evil must identify the location of the approaching monkey souls using 3D spatial audio.
The second, as Hear No Evil, must correctly differentiate between the good and the evil souls.
The third player, as Speak No Evil, in in control of the gates of Monkey Heaven and the limitless bananas beyond.

They must stop the evil monkeys getting in and let the good monkeys through.

3wisemonkeys ingame

og web games HEADER MonBag

Created in 48 hours at the Wellcome Trust's first Gamify Your PhD event, 2012, achieving 1st runner up.

'Monsieur Baguette presents… RNA transcription of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae'('Monsieur Baguette' for short) is an action puzzle game, this is not only a lot of fun, but also encourages players to learn a bit more about some of the molecular-biological process that happen behind the scenes in all living things.

Built from the ground up for iOS, the game uses the touch screen with a simple drag and throw mechanic.  As the RNA Polymerase IIs (or Pols) move along the DNA and across the screen, the player is required to fire the phosphates – the small spiky projectiles at the bottom of the screen – at them. If they do so in the correct order, and before the Pol reaches the threshold on the right hand side of the screen, the Pol – and thus the yeast – is kept alive and the baguett-ometer rises.  If they are too slow, or hit the Pol out of order, then it dies.  Whilst initially straightforward, the game’s depth comes from a set of factors. Because the order of the phosphates (your small spiky projectiles) is crucial, and you only have a limited number of them, and because their availability is broadly random, it means that in practice you are forced to make split-second decisions as to which Pols to save, how best to allocate your resources, and when.

og web gallery MonBag 2

og web games HEADER PlacentaTheDragon

Created in 24 hours at Game Hack 2013 on the theme of 'childhood'.

They say write about what you know and video games are no exception, so naturally myself, James and Lukas, three men with no children or wombs, made a game about the miracle of childbirth. Inspired by Lukas’ first ever battle with his twin brother to be the first into the world and be crowned the eldest, we came up with a foetus-based fighting game.

Play Placenta the Dragon here

Hack Blog Pic3

Hack Blog Pic4

og web games HEADER Deadbeats

Created in 48 hours at Global Game Jam 2013, listing here.

GGj 2013's theme was the sound of a heartbeat, which we were keen not to interpret too literally, and after much deliberation the idea of Day of the Dead characters came up and, since it's about about people who's hearts have ceased to beat, that fit the bill for us.

Deadbeats is a competitive multiplayer platformer where the goal is to be the last skull standing by jumping on each other’s heads - but there's a catch. You can change planes between foreground and background by standing on moving platforms which switch in time with the heart beat, resulting in really nice perspective changes and allowing for tactical gameplay. As the heart speeds up, so do the platforms, making for fun and frantic local multiplayer.

You can play Deadbeats online here

og web gallery deadbeats 3

og web gallery deadbeats 2

og web games HEADER Tearbears

Created in 24 hours at Game Hack 2013 on the theme of 'childhood'.

After some discussion, we decided that we’d like to make a game for the Ocullus Rift. This was partly due to when Ben and I had exhibited at Venturefest, a non-profit event that brings people together to network, discuss and exhibit technical innovations. We set up a booth with the Oculus and the amount of people that wandered up to us to give it a go was surprising. From students to smart suited business men, everyone was willing to look silly for a moment while they got to wander through a virtual jungle or took a stroll along the bottom of the ocean. There’s something great about being able to look directly behind you in a game and actually see the rest of the world and not your bedroom. And everyone seemed impressed by the tech and excited to see more.

So after discussing childhood and sifting through some of the more obvious ideas, we explored children’s rhymes. One that stood out was “The Teddy Bear’s Picnic”, and what would happen if the bears weren’t as friendly as the song suggests. So naturally, we made a game about a bear that leaves his owners house to attend the Teddy Bear’s Picnic. When the bear doesn’t return, his friend sets out to find his bear and discovers him mysteriously torn apart. The disembodied head of his fluffy friend tells the child that the other bears are responsible and that they’re coming back very soon. As the evil bears show up it’s your job to fend them off from your conveniently close treehouse with a suspiciously inexhaustible supply of ammo.

Killing the evil bears gains you fluff (which you use to repair your bear), letting the bears gather harms the treehouse. Leaving it even longer, (or being terrible at the game) ends with the bears over-running the treehouse.

og web gallery tearbears 3

og web gallery tearbears 2


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