Opposable Games: iOS, Android, PC and console games


Opposable Games creates titles for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android, and there's nothing stopping us making games for PlayStation, Xbox and Wii U.

We provide games services for a range of clients, working within the following industry sectors:

  • TV Companion Games
  • Games Investors
  • Academic Institutions
  • Animators
  • Medical Professionals

Opposable Games also loves creating its own IP, how about an alien-infested tactical sci-fi action game? Check out Salvaged

Currently in development for a variety of platforms, Salvaged is to be our biggest project to date. Make sure you keep up to date by signing up to the newsletter over on the Salvaged standalone site

Below is a selection of case studies for a range of different projects, make sure to check them out for a little insight into what we get up to here at Opposable Games.

Embarrassing Bodies: Angry Boils

Embarrassing Bodies: Angry Boils

Channel 4 | Maverick | iOS

The clinic is open! Join doctors Christian, Dawn, and Pixie, and their team of specialists, in this fun and fast-paced puzzle-action game. Deploy the right doctors to stop the clinic being overrun with patients suffering from a whole host of conditions!
Salvaged - Real-time tactical sci-fi action


Opposable Games Original

The human race explores the stars, but a keen focus on the future has left a trail of desolation in the past. You are Alex Pieterson, commander of the salvage ship Thaddeus and its team of hardened agents. You are a remnant of that past, fighting for survival in a huge new galaxy. 
Clockwork Racers - iOS multiplayer racing

Clockwork Racers

Opposable Original | iOS

Join Squeaks, Choo, Zapp, and Chomp and enjoy fast-paced, top-down racing action. Compete against the AI or against the clock in single player mode, or use any supported iOS devices as controllers, and get together with friends and family for shared-screen, multiplayer, party racing... with a twist.
Legends of Xor - Fantasy collectible card game

Legends of Xor

Rendog | Android

Legends of Xor is a multiplayer fantasy battle game for Android. Using a collectible card game format and designed by YouTube Minecraft celebrity Rendog, players grow teams of Xors by playing games and through in-app purchases, facing off in a deep turn-based tactical game.
The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle

The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle

Rumpus Animation | iOS

Noted explorator Bertram Fiddle is hot on the heels of Geoff the Murderer in this hilarious romp through Victorian London. The first game from award-winning studio Rumpus Animation (BBC, E4)
Opposable Games: Bottom Knocker Street - iOS/Android racer

Bottom Knocker Street

CITV/Fubaloo | iOS & Android | HTML 5 web

Welcome to Bottom Knocker Street! Based on the major new TV series, play as the BKS kids, explore the street, avoid the obstacles, and complete challenges for the other residents for the street in this energetic, endless racer.
Mycrobe - A virtual pet game for iOS


Opposable Games IP | Wellcome Trust | iOS

Mycrobe is a microscopic virtual pet game for iOS, where you determine the fate of your very own microorganism through the mutation of its genome. Players can collect and trade rare mutations and infect friends with their unique combinations of traits.
Dinosaurs - Paper planes and dinosaurs!


Opposable Games (own IP)

In a fully-3D world populated by beautiful, cell-shaded characters, players choose their favourite dinosaurs and get up to all manner of physics-y fun in an effort to dislodge their fellow dinosaurs from their block-top positions by throwing explosive-laden paper planes at one another, at the blocks they are standing on, and just generally around the place with considerable abandon. 
Pesky gNATs - Childrens serious CBT game

Pesky gNATs

University of Bristol | PC

A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy intervention for children played alongside a therapist. While exploring a lush tropical island children learn how to overcome Negative Automatic Thoughts (personified as “gNATs”) through animations and mini-games narrated by characters that live on the island.
The Battle for Hill 218 - an iOS card game

The Battle for Hill 218

Your Move Games | Large Visible Machine | PC, iOS

Hill 218 looks just like any other hill on your map, but High Command says it’s important and it’s your job to take it. Unfortunately the enemy has the same plan. Based on the highly popular original card game by Your Move Games, and designed by Large Visible Machine.
Experiments & game jams

Experiments & game jams

Opposable Games Originals | New technology

A selection of experiments and games made in rapid prototyping settings such as game jams.


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