Opposable Games: We make connected games

We make connected games

Opposable Games is a forward-thinking Bristol-based game developer. We work on titles for iPhone, Android, PC, Mac OS, PlayStation and Xbox that connect across platforms and devices in an inventive and compelling way. We focus on seizing the potential of second screen and other emerging technologies such as virtual reality, designing new gameplay experiences underpinned by our OneTouchConnect connectivity software. 

When building our own games or collaborating with partners to enrich a property we combine a deep understanding of player engagement with an award-winning creative and technical team. We deliver high quality character-led games in 2D and 3D, earning our reputation among the most exciting studios in the industry. Get in touch with Ben Trewhella on info@opposablegames.com and we can work together to create something fantastic.

Recent games

Embarrassing Bodies: Angry Boils

Embarrassing Bodies: Angry Boils

Channel 4 | Maverick | iOS

The clinic is open! Join doctors Christian, Dawn, and Pixie, and their team of specialists, in this fun and fast-paced puzzle-action game. Deploy the right doctors to stop the clinic being overrun with patients suffering from a whole host of conditions!
Salvaged - Real-time tactical sci-fi action


Opposable Games Original

The human race explores the stars, but a keen focus on the future has left a trail of desolation in the past. You are Alex Pieterson, commander of the salvage ship Thaddeus and its team of hardened agents. You are a remnant of that past, fighting for survival in a huge new galaxy. 
Legends of Xor - Fantasy collectible card game

Legends of Xor

Rendog | Android

Legends of Xor is a multiplayer fantasy battle game for Android. Using a collectible card game format and designed by YouTube Minecraft celebrity Rendog, players grow teams of Xors by playing games and through in-app purchases, facing off in a deep turn-based tactical game.
Opposable Games: Bottom Knocker Street - iOS/Android racer

Bottom Knocker Street

CITV/Fubaloo | iOS & Android | HTML 5 web

Welcome to Bottom Knocker Street! Based on the major new TV series, play as the BKS kids, explore the street, avoid the obstacles, and complete challenges for the other residents for the street in this energetic, endless racer.

Latest news

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Opposable Games marketing manager Dan Page, organiser of the SouthWest VR Conference, was lucky enough to have a go of the HTC Vive at Mobile World Congress; here’s what he thought.

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