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Announcing: Salvaged

Posted 2014-02-10 11:35:54 by James

Salvaged is a real-time tactical action game. You will take on the role of commander of a Remote Interstellar Salvage Crew (or RISC). You will send your team into the wrecks of long forgotten star-ships in search of loot to sell, use, or trade as you make a living running deep space salvage operations.

The universe is deadly and unforgiving, your team will face-off against alien threats, desperate looters, and a pervasive extra-terrestrial plague, not to mention rival RISC teams out to claim the exact same bounties that you seek.

Built around a constantly changing, randomly generated, and infinite universe, the game experience will be new with every play – you will need to adapt to new weapons, enemies, and wrecks that’ll you discover along the way. But the most important thing about it is how you play:

sal screens banner no BG

To best enjoy Salvaged you’ll need two devices: your PC to see the action play out in real-time, watching the game through the eyes of your team. Plus you will require an Android or iOS device to control the game, using an interactive multi-touch control system to navigate the wrecks, assess threats, and issue orders to your team.

This dual-screen play is the core of the game experience, combining the flexibility and intuitiveness of a touch screen with the intensity and immediacy of a modern PC title. This is tactical action like you’ve never seen before.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be blogging our progress as we develop the first playable version of the game, uploading concept and work-in-progress images and giving you an insight into both the development process and exactly where we are taking Salvaged.

If you sign up to the mailing list you will also get first-look access at prototype gameplay footage and other goodies, and stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for further updates. See more news and artwork at SalvagedGame.com.


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