Opposable Games: The Battle for Hill 218 - an iOS card game
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The Battle for Hill 218

Your Move Games | Large Visible Machine | PC, iOS

Hill 218 looks just like any other hill on your map, but High Command says it’s important and it’s your job to take it. Unfortunately the enemy has the same plan. Based on the highly popular original card game by Your Move Games, and designed by Large Visible Machine.

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The Battle for Hill 218 brings the tense game of combat, supply, and surprise to iOS devices for the first time. Opposable Games developed The Battle for Hill 218 for Large Visible Machine and Your Move Games including licensing of our online and local multiscreen technology.

  • Face-to-face multiplayer via Bluetooth/WiFi
  • Real-time online via Game Center (with voice chat)
  • Two challenging AI modes tailored by the original creators

”… Only Ascension has ever felt better over such short play sessions.” – Pocket Tactics 


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