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Opposable Games featured in Wired Magazine

Posted 2014-10-21 10:51:19 by Dan Page

We're rather humbled to let you know that we've been featured in November's Wired Magazine! The double-page spread feature is an awesome tribute to Salvaged and the Opposable Games crew with visuals created by our Lead 3D Artist Dave Preston. 

Set aboard a ship in the Savaged universe, the piece features the faces of the Opposable Games team 'shopped onto 3D models. Unfortunately it's unlikely you'll be seeing our faces in the game when it's out, this was purely for art my dears.

Here's the full feature more or less as it appeared across two pages; I've aligned the text to the right so you guys can see the full image (click to enlarge).

wired salvaged blog post image

" If there's a new games technology trend – whether multiscreen or virtual reality – you can be that Bristol-based developers Opposable Games are on board. After three years working for clients including Channel 4 and the Wellcome Trust, the studio is now building its first major solo project using procedural generation, whereby a landscape, level or environment is generated randomly by the computer every time a player encounters it, ensuring that no two play sessions are ever the same.

Set in a sci-fi universe, the PC-based Salvaged has won awards for its dual-screen gameplay in which players use a tablet as a controller, powered by One Touch Connect technology, Opposable's proprietary connectivity software. “There are more and more devices out there and it's such a waste to have people play one game on a PC and not be able to translate that on to mobile,” says CEO and co-founder Ben Trewhella. “Multiscreen's time has finally come.” "

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