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Dev Diaries - Galaxy Balls Concept Art

Posted 2014-06-20 16:00:03 by Dan Page

We recently revealed Joe Blakeston’s Galaxy Balls, a title coming to iOS and Android developed by us at Opposable Games. Today we’d like to show you a few of Joe’s original sketches and the beginnings of an origins comic. Hopefully we’ll provide an interesting insight into Joe’s peculiar mind and the backstory of his lovely Galaxy Balls, Phlyk and Hurl.


Original Phlyk and Hurl sketches

gb phlyk sketches

Evolution of the as-yet-unnamed "hard hat dude"

gb helmet guy progression

Origins comic layout thumbnail

gb Comic sketch

Origins comic sketch pass

gb comic roughs

We'll be posting more dev diaries very soon, expect exclusive video interviews, screenshots, comics, game art and much, much more juicy info on Joe's lovely Galaxy Balls. If you want to know more, make sure you follow @opposablegames and read our Galaxy Balls Announcement Post.

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